About Us

Founded in 1988 by Arthur Stout, Northern Timber Incorporated continues to flourish as one the largest timber harvesting companies in New England. With offices in Wareham Ma, the company is conveniently located allowing them a variety of options when deciding where to take the standing timber and pulpwood from their jobs. It also allows them greater reach in terms of working in different parts of the region.

To date, Northern Timber has harvested timber in all New England states- also we have ventured as far as New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. All together, the company harvests around 1,000 acres of timberland each year, helping to supply local lumber mills, pulpwood mills and paper mills. In addition, Northern Timber is a large supplier of the local firewood markets as well as the biomass mass wood chip markets, helping New Englander's  stay warm during the cold New England winters. With all this being said, it's safe to say that Northern Timber will take every step possible to ensure that as the landowner, you'll get the greatest possible return from your harvest.